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Embodied Wisdom Publishing was formed with the aim to find and publish books from the most experienced practitioners, educators and teachers of Yoga, somatics, movement offering safe strategies for self-care and nourishment so they could share their valuable insights with readers around the world. 

The objective was simple, we aimed to step outside the existing book distribution model because the creators were often seen as the publishers cheapest resource.  We shared more with the content creators for the value they had distilled from their decades of dedication, so they could create more material you love.

The intended channel was through publishing books, which presented far more challenges than expected, the least of which was a global pandemic with ensuing massive price hikes in shipping of raw materials and end product. For niche producers, this became unsustainable.

Although print on demand offered some ability to print regionally, the cost per unit for the full colour, for the specialised lay-flat binding we wanted, pushed the retail price of the delivered book beyond market expectations set by the major online retailers such as Amazon, with their cross-subsidising, anti-competitive pricing and other take-it-or-leave charging for producers.

To ensure keep the valuable material we published continues to be available and increase access, we now only serve wholesale distribution.

For online book-buying, I strongly encourage you to move to either of these two stores, because of their philosophy, superb commercial structure and the tangible contribution to support local bookshops since inception - just on US$20 Million in the US so far.

In the US -  Bookshop: Buy books online. Support local bookstores.

In the UK - Bookshop-UK: Donated GBP 2 million to local bookstores since opening.

Prices are good and you can also get free shipping. 

Finally, a big thank you to all our customers for your support.


Nick Lyttle

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