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Practice and All is Coming offers a clear pathway to critical thinking skills, student empowerment, and community resilience. It presents:
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    A comprehensive case study for how yoga communities can betray their students.
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    Insight into how listening to silenced voices is an essential yoga practice.
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    Tools for identifying and disarming cultic dynamics and promoting community health.​​​​

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Trina Altman

Practice and All is Coming: Abuse, Cult Dynamics, and Healing in Yoga and Beyond sheds light on the sexual and physical assault that has taken place in the yoga community, while providing a resource that helps teachers and students recognize when they may be in an unsafe situation and empowers them to protect themselves. This book should be required reading for every yoga teacher training.

In The Book, Your Trainees Will Discover How To:

Reduce HiErarchy

The ways in which misogyny, authoritarianism, and presumed consent with regard to touch have combined in some modern yoga communities to endanger students. These patterns are at least a century old, and continue wherever they are unexamined.

Expose Truth

How cultic dynamics can easily emerge through a combination of charismatic leadership, deception, spiritual bypassing, enabling, and bystanderism. These dynamics impact many communities, and change can happen in this generation.

learn from experience

How survivors of abuse in yoga communities can be heard and understood, and how their stories can be placed at the forefront of reform. Taking care of a community's trauma should be ground zero of any yoga practice.

Build Robust Communities

Two models for preventing future abuse are presented. These are specifically created for YTT trainees, and focus on community health and critical thinking. These tools are on the cutting edge of ethics studies in the contemporary training landscape.

About the Author: Matthew Remski

Matthew has been investigating and analyzing abuse and injury in yoga practice communities for the past six years. His writing has helped revolutionize conversations about power and safety. As a two-time cult survivor, he brings a wealth of personal and community experience to this work. Currently, he's working with Embodied Wisdom Publications to produce an online course based on this work which will fulfill part of the new online "Humanities" requirements described in the new Yoga Alliance standards.

"I applaud Matthew’s sensitive and subtle exposure of power imbalance, and his impeccable intentions to bring the voices from the margins to the centre. I give thanks that his moral compass guided him to reveal a crucial issue at the heart of modern yoga, and I hope that everyone who has ever shown up to a yoga class reads this book." — Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, PhD, author of Yoni Shakti.


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