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How The Global Freight and Supply Chain Strain

Is Your Gain

Global Distribution Channels under Pressure

Sky-rocketing home shopping volumes has seen massive and ongoing increases in shipping charges as demand outstrips supply.

So How Does That Affect Us?

The storage and direct fulfillment business we’ve used in the United States is now closing their facility and moving back to Europe. 

Faced with a near impossible deadline of a few days to clear our stock and pay $1,000’s to relocate the product to Berlin, only for the majority of our physical product to then be shipped back to customers in the US, we needed a better solution for the current global situation.

That’s Great News for You

So, we’ve decided to turn an environmental and economically senseless trans-Atlantic double crossing by diverting what we would’ve paid to the international shippers directly into benefits for the people we aim to serve and support. 

This offer is limited to delivery within the US, restricted to two of each item per person, and only available while stock lasts or until the countdown timer below ends, whichever comes first. 

What’s The Deal?

50% discount and free shipping

Highest Value Offer Ever

We’ve never offered these items at such low prices. Neither have we ever covered shipping because it is not viable. 

Because of the relocation, we’ve chosen to divert an unavoidable cost directly into a subsidy for you – all of it.

So, grab yourself a deal while there’s time.

Better for the Environment

All three items have already had a significant journey to this point. Two re-locations within the US, and a longer trip from the production in China to Idaho. 

Less travel has to be better for the world, and you’ll live better getting your hands on all three of these items as well.

Special Conditions
  • Only ships to mainland USA 
  • Quanity limit – up to 2 of each product per order 
  • Only available while stocks last or countdown timer below ends
  • Muscle Release Ball must be bought with at least one book
  • Use the coupon code ShipFree during checkout to get a 50% off everything AND Free Shipping -valued at up to $35 for 6 items.

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Practice and All Is Coming – A valuable text for every Yoga Teacher Training 


“Trouble in yoga paradise . . . In this lucid, measured, incisive and compassionate book, Matthew Remski lays bare the toxic dynamic of manipulation, indoctrination, negation, and deception that oftentimes undergirds guru worship in such complex social systems as the yoga subculture. As he demonstrates, when enabled by their cult followers, mulabandha-adjusting spiritual autocrats posing as enlightened beings can prove just as toxic to the broader culture as pussy-grabbing political demagogues posing as successful real estate developers. More than an expose of the sexual predations of a renowned guru figure, Remski has also provided the yoga community with a road map to self-healing and closure.

David Gordon White Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies, emeritus, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Click the cover image to learn more and read some of the many testimonials that collectively announce the value of this book and why it should become a curricular text for Yoga Teacher Training. Defining a damage prevention mechanism was a key aspect of agreeing to publish this book, with the aim that it would help prevent the need for the “self-healing and closure” that Distinguished Professor David Gordon White so aptly describes. Add Practice and All Is Coming to cart and apply coupon. 

Remember to add the coupon code ShipFree during checkout.

Muscle release Ball  

Sold Out

It’s been four years since these were first manufactured and released with the Pathways to a Centered Body book, but this change signals the end of our involvement with retailing and physical distribution of this product. 

  • Profound relief for lower back discomfort
  • Easily adjusted for different body sizes and shapes
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Long-lasting, non-slip and phthalate-free PVC for your safety

Everyone who orders one of these will also get access to short video: a brief introductory guide fto the Muscle Release Ball, with Donna Farhi. Add Muscle Release Ball to cart and apply coupon.

Click the image to learn more. Remember to add the coupon code ShipFree during checkout. 

Pathways to a Centered Body: Gentle Yoga Therapy For Core Stability, Healing Back Pain, And Moving With Ease 

 This book demystifies the catch phrase “core fitness” and teaches you how to center your pelvis and find optimal spinal alignment as the foundation for true core strength and stability. Using easy-to-understand anatomical terms combined with exquisite illustrations, the authors unravel the complexities of the deepest core muscles, the psoas, to reveal its func- tion as an extraordinary unifying structure for the entire body. In a step-by-step protocol, you’ll learn how to release, balance, and engage your core muscles, and you’ll learn how to safely improve your flexibility in Yoga practices without compromising pelvic and spinal stability. As deeply held tension is resolved, this work will help you to feel more grounded, mentally focused, and emotionally calm.Pathways to a Centered Body is an invaluable practical guide for Yoga and Pilates students and teachers, personal trainers, dancers, and athletes as well as physical therapists, chiro- practors, and somatic practitioners, indeed, anyone who wants to live in their body with greater ease. With more than 108 color photographs, concise instructions, and rich expe- riential anatomy inquiries, this manual will be a requisite text for movement training pro- grams worldwide.

“We all have books in our Yoga library that we rarely open, but Pathways to a Centered Body is a book I either reach for or refer someone to on an almost daily basis because it includes simple, effective practices that even someone who has never done yoga before can benefit from.

So, this is a book that I keep close at hand.”

Donna Farhi Yoga Teacher and Author

Add Pathways to a Centered Body to cart and apply coupon.

Click the image to learn more. Remember to add the coupon code ShipFree during checkout.

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Or when all items sell out

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