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Donna Farhi Presents 10 Free Mini Tutorials on
Yoga for Lower Back Pain: 
Keys to Sacroiliac Stability

“ . . . no anatomical structure functions in isolation, and the mechanical load anywhere in the body is distributed through a continuous network of fascia, ligaments and muscles supporting the entire skeleton.  . . focusing on singular anatomical structures to comprehend lumbopelvic pain, rather than considering the spine and pelvis as an integrated, interdependent and dynamic biological structure, might ‘blind’ the observer to the larger picture.” 

Vora AJ, Doerr KD, Wolfer LR. Functional anatomy and pathophysiology of axial low back pain: disc, posterior elements, sacroiliac joint, and associated pain generators.  Phys Med Rehabil Clin N Am. 201:21:679-709 [Pubmed]

What is Covered?

Enrol in this mini tutorial series with Donna Farhi because sacroiliac joint discomfort, pain or dysfunction is the most common problem Donna sees when teaching around the world. So much so, she jokingly says, "I could run sacroiliac intensives every week, and still have waiting lists!"

Donna is excited to offer this mini tutorial series where she gives an introduction to topics including:

  • Non-Negotiable Body Contracts: How Making Agreements with Yourself is the Path to Healing Your SI Joint pain (Tutorial 1)

  • Sweet Relief from Sacroiliac and Lower Back Pain: Sofa Pose! (Tutorial 4)

  • How One of the Most Common Yoga Instructions can Destroy your Sacroiliac Joints (Tutorial 7)

  • Why Stretching is Not the Answer to Sacroiliac Pain (Tutorial 8)

  • Low Back Pain or Sacroiliac Pain? How to Reset Your Pelvis. (Tutorial 10)


The first video tutorial will be available on the 16th May,  and a new video released every two days. 

There is over an hour of free teaching from Donna, with valuable content you can use immediately to help resolve your own sacroiliac issues, or those of your students. 

What others say...


Sacroiliac Relief

I was anxious arriving at Donna's recent Befriending the Body, Befriending the Self Intensive due to torn ligaments on my sacroiliac joint and a bulging disc as a result of a gym accident three months prior. Relief was short lived after seeing multiple therapists and many treatments.

The hour-long commute was painful, but as the first session began I immediately noticed less discomfort. Almost like layers of an onion, the pain gradually peeling away.

As each day passed, I noticed a shift in what had become an all too familiar sensation. It no longer felt angry, hot or inflamed.
[The practices Sharna refers to are those presented in Donna's online Sacroiliac Course.]

Sharna McKenry , Yogi

This Material Is Now Part of My Teaching

As a yoga teacher who specializes in practice that is geared towards a lessening of pain and functional health, and has spent the last decade trying to understand and heal my own SI Joint pain, I am very happy to recommend this course from Donna Farhi to the world. Her detailed and easy-to-understand presentation is both educational and clarifying. I am already incorporating the valuable information I received. Donna’s work is invaluable to empowering ourselves and others to heal our bodies, make smarter choices, and honor the heart and soul of yoga.

J Brown , Yoga Teacher, Writer, Podcaster

An Important Resource For Yoga Professionals.

This course is an important resource for yoga professionals who want to understand SI joint function on a deeper level, and specifically, how to create more SI joint stability for their students or themselves. Unfortunately, there seems to be more and more SI joint dysfunction amongst yogis, due to an overemphasis on practices that can overstretch ligaments and create discomfort. Using clear accessible language, and demonstrating a deep understanding of anatomy, Donna provides practical remedies to help us avoid and diminish SI joint pain. I highly recommend this course for yoga therapists, yoga teachers, and any movement professional who wants to provide safer teachings for their students.

Laura Kupperman , M.A., C-IAYT

Enrol now. While the course has started you can catch up...but only until the 8th June, then they're gone.


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