Building Resilience

Neal Ghoshal interviews Donna Farhi 
(48 mins)

In November 2020, in preparation for her January 2021 workshop in Auckland, Donna Farhi was interviewed by Neal Ghoshal, a long time student and exceptional yoga teacher based on Waiheke Island near Auckland. They discussed building resilience and you can watch the full interview here, or click one of the four topics below to see an edited highlight. 

The main topics covered include: 

What is Resilience

Resilience, self-love and care

Resilience and vulnerability

Resilience tools

New Zealand Residents: There are still spaces available in this two and a half day workshop in Auckland

Building Resilience:

Renewing our Capacity for Regeneration

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29th-31st January 2021
Taitamariki Hall
Takapuna, Auckland

Full Interview