SIJ2 Ten Mini Tutorials


More and more Yoga practitioners (and teachers) are showing up to class with debilitating sacroiliac joint (SIJ) discomfort becoming members of a rapidly growing international “SIJ Club.” In many instances, SIJ issues in Yoga practitioners are the consequence of repetitive dysfunctional movements, skewed body mechanics and forceful overstretching. Little by little, these actions can erode the inherent stability of the pelvis, resulting in pain and movement impairment not only in the lower back, but contribute to issues from neck to feet including sciatica.

This mini course was created in response to common questions from the full 10 hour sacroiliac course when it was first released and while all aspects are covered in the full course, there’s over an hour of teaching here that offers ten bite sized focal points that will help resolve sacroiliac instability for you or your students.

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