Coming Back to Our Senses: The Yoga of Sensory Awareness


A Pre-recorded Event

With Donna Farhi

Six 3-hour sessions

Recording Access – 180 days

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How long should I stay?  

How deep should I go? 

What should I do today? 

What should I be feeling? 

These are all questions that arise through seeking an external reference and standing outside our own direct experience. Yet, the “breaking news” of the body’s weather is arising moment-to-moment as a fresh and accurate portrayal of our inner experience, whatever it may be.  Learning to adapt, clothe, and to tailor our approach based on this body weather report can transform Yoga practice into a powerful self-inquiry that paves the way towards self-knowledge and self-healing.

Our sense perception offers us knowledge through direct experience versus knowledge as information, yet from a very young age we’re taught to distrust our felt perception.  Years of indoctrination in methods, techniques, and formulaic paradigms developed by outside authorities can tyrannize perception, pulling us away from, rather than towards our own insight. Unconscious conditioning about pain, comfort, effort and relaxation, can thwart self-care towards self-coercion. This intensive is a chance to explore building a greater connection to and confidence in your own kinesthesia (interoception).  As you shift from the outward striving of acquisition towards the inward journey of inquisitiveness the body suggests new options, vectors, and subtle possible entry points into movement leading you back to what is true and helpful.

There are six sessions, each 2.5 hours including a presentation of the days' focus, followed by experiential practices such as Body Weather Reading in sitting meditation, guided movement inquiry, both active and Restorative yoga practice, and deep relaxation.  An additional section mostly less than 30 minutes of questions and answers was recorded and is presented here.

This intensive is for practitioners of Yoga and somatics with at least one year of consistent personal practice.