Muscle Release Ball (as used in the Pathways book)


This item will be released May 4, 2020 and 12:00 pm.
  • Profound relief for lower back discomfort
  • Easily adjusted for different body sizes and shapes
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Long lasting, non-slip and phthalate-free PVC for your safety

Colors available: blue only 

Available for pre-ordering

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We have set a date of the 4th May for re-shipment but we hope shipping starts again much sooner however because of the current pandemic, we are opting for a conservative time frame. I apologise for the delay and will notify you as soon as we can confirm the dispatch date. Thank you.

As used in practices from the book Pathways to a Centered Body: Gentle Yoga Therapy for Core Stability, Healing Back Pain and Moving with Ease, by Donna Farhi and Leila Stuart.

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