Livestream #8 Foundations of Restoratives (Part Two): Cooling and Calming


This two hour 15 minute class is pre-recorded.

Includes a bonus pdf resource and a recorded Q&A video (approx 30 minutes).

Access Duration: 30 days from purchase
Expiry Time: 11:59 PM NZST
Unlimited replays accessible until expiry.


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We all experience times when we feel agitated, anxious and unsettled.  During these times we can use our yoga practice as a form of self-soothing to recalibrate and build greater resilience. 


Donna will guide you in a Restorative Yoga sequence designed to draw the body and mind into a state of tranquillity through encouraging the flow of apana vayu, the downward flow of prana to the pelvic basin.  

This practice is highly adaptable: for women during their menstruation cycle, for those experiencing hot flashes and low energy during menopause, or simply for times when we are suffering from fatigue, anxiety or overwhelm.

For this workshop you will need:

  • yoga mat, block and belt
  • 3-4 blankets
  • 1-2 bolsters
  • Dining room chair with a firm back
  • 2 firm pillows
  • 2 yoga blocks OR 2 cushions of about the same size
  • Bath towel (preferably thick and fluffy!)