Livestream #7 Foundations of Restoratives (Part One): Balance, Sedate, Stimulate


This two hour 15 minute class is pre-recorded.

Includes a bonus pdf resource and a recorded Q&A video (approx 30 minutes).

Access Duration: 30 days from purchase
Expiry Time: 11:59 PM NZST
Unlimited replays accessible until expiry.


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In this workshop we will explore one of the first reflexes to develop that underlies our connection and bonding with the earth.  

The tonic labyrinthine reflex evokes an increased tonus, aliveness and weightedness when the front, side or back of the body makes contact with the ground.  

Through understanding these innate responses in your body you can begin to decipher the way in which Restorative Yoga postures can balance, sedate or stimulate your nervous system.  

Donna will guide you through several key Restorative postures with a focus on supporting lung health and deepening breathing function.  

She will also offer some creative adaptations for those with movement restrictions.

For this workshop you will need:

  • yoga mat, block and belt
  • 3-4 blankets
  • 2 bolsters
  • Chair to support your lower legs
  • Bath towel (preferably thick and fluffy!)