Livestream #4 Centering Down: Turning Inwards to Expand Outwards


This two hour (approx) class is pre-recorded.

Includes a bonus pdf resource booklet and a recorded Q&A video (approx 20 minutes).

Access Duration: 30 days from purchase
Expiry Time: 11:59 PM NZST
Unlimited replays accessible until expiry.


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“Every moment is a moment of learning.  Every moment is a new moment if we allow it.  Every moment can be an old moment if we allow that, and you can choose. . . A new connection, a new friendship, a new husband, a new wife . . . so the question is that you permit your nervous system to be awake for the moments, and moments, and moments.  And if you would be there for it, how would this influence your life?”

~ Charlotte Selver, pioneer of Sensory Awareness

Over three years ago, international teacher Donna Farhi broke her pelvis in two places as a result of serious riding accident.  This experience led her to develop many innovative and effective practices for restoring core symmetry and strength, neuromuscular coordination and stability. Her many months and years of slow rehabilitation also allowed her to fully experience the extraordinary ability of the body to “self-suggest” what is needed and how through accepting and celebrating tiny increments of improvement we can rebuild extraordinary capacity.

In this workshop Donna will share a well-rounded practice protocol that begins with deep psoas release work, progresses to core strengthening work on the ground and standing, and finishes with supine core stabilization practices.  Woven in between the lines of each of these practices is the yogic practice of “yama” or “constraint”, which moves us away from outward striving and brings the mind back into the present moment.  Through continually retracing our steps inwards we build the capacity to expand and reach outwards.  Embodying the deep honesty of constraint, we paradoxically build a pathway to greater and greater levels of freedom.

Please be ready for the workshop:

• Note paper and pen

• yoga mat, 3 blankets, 1 bolster, block and yoga belt, a Muscle Release Ball (Gertie Ball) 19 centimetres is ideal, folding chair or dining room chair.