Livestream #6 Back Bending with Ease: Structural Support (Part Two)

When: Sunday, July 19th 2020
Time: 9:00 – 11:15 am NZT
This class will be recorded and available to all registrants for 30 days.

In recognition of the pandemic related uncertainties that many yoga teachers face we have put in place a Sliding Price Scale option for this product. We suggest a contribution of $18.00 – 30.00 USD for this two hour event and simply enter your price and click Add to cart.

However we do not want money to be the reason why you do not study with Donna. If you are in genuine hardship please click here to send an email with your request for access to this training at a reduced rate.

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Our culture conditions us to believe that as we age we begin an inevitable decline towards a rounded and compressed spine.  This decline, however,  is neither inevitable or desirable and there are many accessible practices we can implement in our yoga routine to maintain youthful elasticity.  Even those who come to yoga late in life can vastly improve the fluidity, strength and verticality of their bodily experience.  

In this workshop Donna will work with you to strengthen structurally weak and vulnerable areas of the spine, while targeting those areas of the back that can tend towards rigidity and immobility.  

We’ll move through a well-rounded practice that you can integrate into your weekly routine, as well as mini-practices that you can incorporate into daily life to reduce the effects of long hours of sitting.  

Slouch no more!  

Restore your body’s capacity to self-support and sustain effortless verticality.