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Part 1: The Psoas

Part 2: The Core Cylinder of Support

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Part 1: The Psoas

Part 2: The Core Cylinder of Support

Anatomy of a Centered Body:Resolving Structural Imbalances in the Core Body.two-part course designed as a tutorial companion to my new book Pathways to a Centered Body co-authored with Leila StuartThis course is especially valuable to help students release deep and often long-standing core imbalances that can lead to pelvic and spinal pain and immobility.  Regardless of the method or style in which you work, and regardless of whether you work with groups or one-on-one, you need to have an extensive tool kit of practices that you can offer students who have spinal problems.  And if you teach group classes, you need to be able to think on your feet, offering variations and modifications for those individuals who can’t and shouldn’t do the same practices as the rest of the group.  These aren’t skills you learn on the spot, but techniques that require some anatomical  and bio-mechanical knowledge. Most importantly, these practices have been test driven so you can feel confident sharing them with your students.This two-part course was created and offered in an online format to improve access and increase retention because studies show:Online Learning is FlexibleSaves 40-60% of your time compared with live classes.Online Learning Increases Retention25-60% more material is retained.What Others Say

Taking the Concepts Far Beyond Standard … Textbooks

Donna’s teaching has greatly increased my understanding of biomechanics and human movement, taking the concepts far beyond standard health science textbooks. Applying this knowledge to yoga creates a profound awareness of subtle changes and possibilities within the human body and spirit. I am looking forward to integrating this with my studies in yoga, remedial massage and mind-body medicine. Above all, I really appreciated Donna’s grounded, practical approach to yoga and teaching.

profile-picKelly Elizabeth Fox

Simply the Best of the Best

Donna’s work is of the highest integrity, cohesion and value I have ever found in 37 years of my Yoga path. Simply the best of the best.

profile-picCarol Stall

My Back Has Been Much Happier

My lower back has been bothering me increasingly for several years. Its not quite pain. More like discomfort. It seems to have been aggravated by the construction work that I do. I began heating my back and stretching in the evenings. I saw a spinal doctor at the Veterans Administration several times. I went through a course of physical therapy. I went through a chiropractic sequence. I tried an inversion table. I’ve used a Med Massager. I went to a masseuse for most of a year.

These treatments provided me with some temporary relief but none of them had lasting effects.

Somewhere on Facebook several months ago I came across Donna Farhi, Leila Stuart and Yoga U Online. I bought the Pathways to a Centered Body book and then the Anatomy of a Centered Body online course.

I began reading the book. I was struggling to get through the anatomy and happened to catch Donna on Facebook. She said to not worry about the anatomy and to try the exercises on pages 168-9 in the Pathways book. I did and my back has been much happier since I began integrating these practices.

Many thanks.

profile-picBrian SorensenConstruction worker and novice yoga practitioner.Key Course OutcomesAs a movement professional, postural alignment is a common consideration when helping your clients resolve issues such as movement limitations or pain. Integrating this online learning into your personal practice offers immeasurable value to you and your students, by expanding your toolkit of practices for yourself and students who have or want to avoid chronic spinal discomfort and injury.Having more knowledge and the experience of using it sets you apart in an increasingly competitive field which can mean higher retention and greater student loyalty. With this Bundled Movement Professional Upgrade you get:

  • The two-part course Anatomy of a Centered Body: Resolving Structural Imbalances in the Core Body, with lifetime access to over 6-hours of online learning designed specifically to complement and extend the material in the book, that you can claim as non-contact CPE credits with Yoga Alliance.
  • The book Pathways to a Centered Body: Gentle Yoga Therapy for Core Stability, Healing Back Pain and Moving with Ease
  • One Muscle Release Ball
  • A downloadable companion video focused on three of the practices for quick reference or to show to your students
  • Free shipping of the Book and the MR Ball anywhere in the US.

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