Seeking to Understand the Anatomy of the Core?
Increase Your Capability & Confidence as a Teacher?

The "true core" muscles lie in the back of the body. Click to enlarge.

Many Yoga teachers feel intimidated by what they perceive as the daunting and potentially dry topic of anatomy.  Yet understanding anatomy is often what distinguishes a good teacher from a great one.  Scientifically accurate knowledge of the body gives you the skill to truly understand how to work safely and effectively with your students.

Your free Guide to Unraveling Lower Back Pain contains my go-to practice for anyone with lower back pain.  A first impression may leave you thinking that this practice is pretty boring and why would you bother?  When you understand the anatomy behind this deceptively simple position you gain incredible insight into why a simple position such as this done precisely, can make a huge difference.
Many of my clients have said this one position has made more difference to them than all the other yoga postures they’ve learned. 
Understanding Anatomy Means You Can Implement that Knowledge in Your Classes
Our evolution from standing on four legs to upright biped radically changed the stress on the psoas muscles.  Now the psoas muscle is under considerable tension just in the simple act of straightening the legs when standing or lying down.  When you understand this anatomical evolution, you’ll appreciate why so many of your students intuitively know to bend their knees to reduce discomfort in their lower back.  They are trying to release an already tight psoas!

Psoas in Quadrupeds

Psoas in Bipeds

My Story
I began having back problems when I was in my early twenties and despite intensive chiropractic and bodywork treatment my lower back pain became worse.  That is when I decided to study medical anatomy and to read the work of cutting edge somatic researchers such as Ida Rolf’s Integration of Human Structures and Thomas Hanna’s Somatics.  As my understanding of anatomy increased, this empowered me to not only heal my own back, but to help my Yoga students to work safely and with much better results.

Today as I teach around the world, there is an epidemic of Yoga practitioners suffering from reoccurring injuries and discomfort caused through over-stretching and repetitive end-range movements.  We now know that stability and strength is as important as mobility.

We now know there is no scientific backing for the common phrase: "No pain, no gain."

Pathways to a Centered Body:
Worth a Place in Your Yoga Library

  • Build your anatomical knowledge with an exceptionally clear reference book that gives you a deeper understanding of the psoas so you can practice confidently and safely. 
  • Experiential anatomy inquiries help you translate theory into practice, for yourself and your students.  Learn to soften, hydrate, balance and strengthen the core body.
  • Follow a step by step protocol that in some cases gives rapid relieffrom persistent pain.
  • Learn variations for specific spinal issues and incorporate over eight practice sequences including The Decompression Series and Sacroiliac Discomfort and Sciatica.
  • Over 20 core specific poses and practices with clear colour photographs, and includes  benefits, contraindications, equipment neededand many practice variations to gently support those with pain or limited movement. 

Sequence F (Balancing Scoliosis)- partial.  Click to enlarge.

The Pathways Book and Ball Package

I am on a mission to heal lower back pain, so I am offering two great bonuses to make it easier to implement the practices in the book.
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Bonus One
The Muscle Release Ball
  • This can help provide profound relief in lower back discomfort. Easily adjusts for different body sizes and shapes.
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Bonus Two
Pathways to a Centered Body – Companion Video
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the subtleties of 3 dynamic practices as Donna unpacks them step by step.
  • 20 Minute downloadable video of 3 of the core practices in the Pathways book.
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What Others Are Saying 
Pathways to a Centered Body Lower Back Pain Package

I am on a mission to heal lower back pain. 
So I am offering two great bonuses:

Buy the Pathways book TODAY at the standard rate of $34.95 plus shipping of $11.80 and you'll get these two bonuses (USA mainland only):
  • The Muscle Release Ball, a simple prop as used  in the Pathways book - normally $11.95 and today no cost. 
  • Plus the Companion video – a downloadable 20 minute video where I demonstrate 3 of the core practices in the Pathways book, normally $11.95 and today no cost.
  • Total bonus value $23.90.