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Learn which major core muscle is called the "hidden prankster" because the pain its dysfunction can cause is most commonly incorrectly blamed on other structures. (Pg 2)

Discover the six-step pain free protocol that leads to unlocking the full benefits of your psoas muscles to give you relief from chronic lower back pain, sciatica or sacroiliac discomfort. (Pg 3)

Become aware of how your physical body connects with deeper aspects of you, your energy, emotions, thoughts and spirit, to achieve a wholly centered body. (Pg 4)

Refresh your awareness of the two main breathing methods, abdominal or diaphragmatic, and know which activities are best suited for each breathing method. (Pg 43-45)

Find relief from one of the most powerful 15 minute practices for anyone with spinal discomfort and discover variations for people with:

  • Increased lumbar curve
  • Pelvic, sacroiliac of lower back instability, or
  • Degeneration of vertebrae or forward slippage of lower lumbar vertebrae
  • (Pg 51-54)

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