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Ready, Set, Slow

A One-Day Livestream Retreat

with Donna Farhi & Karla Brodie

One Yoga Global organizes retreats throughout the world, helping teachers and students deepen their yoga practice . . . as well as supporting retreat centers who rely on our business for their livelihood. In 2019, the director of One Yoga Global, Laura Forsyth, helped raise significant cash for teachers devastated by the closure of YogaYoga in Austin, Texas.


Now it’s her turn to get a little helping hand as One Yoga Global weathers the pandemic.

Attending a retreat is a chance to reignite our yoga practice, refresh our spirits, and reset our lives on a course that feels more balanced and sustainable. But what can we do when leaving home is neither wise nor possible?  Together, we’ll bring the atmosphere of a retreat into each of our individual homes, consciously setting aside the day for self-care and self-renewal. 

Your home retreat will begin with a morning yoga class led by Donna designed to gently enliven the body and calm the mind and emotions.  After a lunch break, Donna will give a brief class on the preparation of Ayurvedic Kitchari, sharing her two favorite recipes: one for warm summer conditions and one for cooler climes. You’ll receive a list of simple ingredients pre-retreat so that you can finish your retreat day fully prepared for a nourishing dinner. A PDF of recipes for both main dishes and some tasty side dishes with condiments to tempt your tastebuds is included.

In the afternoon, Karla Brodie, will guide you through a series of Restorative Yoga postures with handy hints for custom tailoring each practice to create ambrosial comfort.

When: Sunday, December 6th (all in New Zealand time*)

~ 10:00-12:00 pm Morning class with Donna

~ 12:00-12:30 pm Questions & Discussion

~ 2:00-2:30 pm  Cooking class with Donna

~ 2:45-3:00 pm Gather your props for the restorative session

~ 3:00-5:00 pm Restorative class with Karla

* All classes will be recorded and available within 48 hours of the retreat.  You can register for the retreat and replay at a time and hour of your suiting. To check out when this is in your time zone, click here (Note. This link uses your device's clock to show you the date and time of the event.)

Cost: In recognition of the pandemic related uncertainties that many people face we have put in place a Sliding Price Scale option for this retreat. We suggest a contribution from US$40.00 to 90.00 for this 5-hour event.  Click the button below and on the next page, click in the price field to enter the amount you're able to contribute. 

However, we do not want money to be the reason why you do not attend this retreat. If you are in genuine hardship please email support@embodiedwisdom.pubwith your request for access to this retreat.

About Donna Farhi

Donna Farhi is a Yoga teacher who has been practicing for over 40 years and teaching since 1982. She is one of the most sought-after guest teachers in the world, leading intensives and retreats internationally. As a post-lineage pioneer, Donna has been at the forefront of generating a new model for teaching and practice that fosters self-inquiry through the cultivation of each person’s innate sensitivity and bodily intelligence.

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Donna's approach to Yoga is informed by the refinement of natural and universal movement principles that underlie safe and sustainable Yoga practice. Incorporating the rigorous backing of anatomical principles for safe and sustainable practice, Donna offers progressive levels of engagement that allow people of all levels of experience and from all traditions to build their own authentic Yoga practice. 

Donna is the author of four contemporary classics: The Breathing Book, Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit: A Return to Wholeness, Bringing Yoga to Life: The Everyday Practice of Enlightened Living, and Teaching Yoga: Exploring the Teacher-Student Relationship which is a curricular text for teaching trainings worldwide. Her fifth and most recent book, co- authored with Leila Stuart, Pathways to a Centered Body: Gentle Yoga Therapy for Core Stability, Healing Back Pain and Moving with Ease is becoming the go-to text for Yoga teachers, therapists and somatic practitioners. Her latest online tutorial courses on Anatomy of a Centered Body and Yoga for Lower Back Pain: Keys to Sacroiliac Stability and Ease of Movement is making her expertise more accessible to teachers and students worldwide ( American born, Donna now resides on a 30-acre farm north of Christchurch, New Zealand with her partner and 40 friendly sheep.

About Karla Brodie

In 2013 Karla co-founded Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training and the Contemporary Yoga Centre in Remuera, Auckland. Both the training and centre offer an in-depth and accessible approach to yoga teaching and practice. Classes offered at the centre include gentle yoga, restorative, youth yoga, trauma-informed courses, and free wellness classes for people living with cancer and chronic illness. 

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Over numerous years as a passionate ‘rester’, Karla in collaboration with her dedicated students has innovated and evolved a unique approach to the practice of restorative yoga. Together with her colleague and friend Neal Ghoshal, Karla also offers restorative yoga teacher training and residential restorative retreats situated in New Zealand’s wild and beautiful landscape. 


Karla began studying with Donna in 2002 and has since assisted on numerous teacher trainings and intensives in New Zealand, Australia and Spain. 

What Others Say About These Yoga Teachers

Annete Dyvi


Donna shares passionately, generously and intelligently from the wealth of her own experiences and understandings. Through her careful and skilful demonstrations of the hard-earned understandings she weaves a soft and solid blanket of safety. This is where one can find threads and start weaving our own yogic carpet.”

Ingrid SArcide


Donna has a unique presence and creates a wonderful sense of community filled with knowledge and room for exploration and true honesty.

Sarah Hart


Karla is intuitive, honest, attentive, creative, joyful and full of expression – there’s something about her that speaks directly to your insides, and suddenly you realize you have a new-found conversation with your inner world as well. What a gift!

Deborah Leys


Karla's skill, intuition and willingness to provide a safe accepting container for yoga practice enables me to continue to Find Myself!

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