Video Tutorials by Donna Farhi

Thanks for purchasing the book Pathways to a Centered Body.

Together with YogaUOnline, Donna has created two guided anatomy tutorials to simplify and deepen your understanding of the core body.  If you are a little intimidated by anatomy (and even if you’re not . . . ) you’ll find these tutorials fascinating and engaging.  Four video practice sessions demonstrate key techniques with attention to the details that makes the material so effective.

Anatomy of a Centered Body:
Yoga Therapy to Realign the Core Body, Heal Back Pain, and Move Again with Ease

Part One:

  • A guided audio visual Anatomy Tutorial : The Iliopsoas Complex (1 hour); plus
  • Video One: Softening and Hydrating the Psoas and Spinal Muscles (45 minutes)
  • Video Two: Release and Lengthen the Psoas Muscles (45 minutes)

Part Two:

  • A guided audio visual Anatomy Tutorial: The Cylinder of Support (1 hour); plus
  • Video Three: Balancing and Strengthening the Core Body (45 minutes)
  • Video Four: Practicing Yoga with Core Awareness (45 minutes)