Information Is More Abundant and More Accessible Than Ever

Yet how much of this information is trustworthy, tested through experience , and of lasting value? How do you prioritise that which is worthy of your attention, your precious time, and likely to result in a useful outcome for you or for others?

Increasingly, people express they feel overwhelmed by choice and the challenge of finding time to discern and then digest the information they download.

Here at Embodied Wisdom Publishing (EWP), we meet practitioners around the world with deep experience in and a dedication to their purpose of improving health and wellness of body, mind and spirit for others. Practitioners, who over decades of practical experience, have had the opportunity to apply, observe and refine their chosen body of knowledge. Their wisdom is ready to be shared. These masters are the few that EWP is keen to work with.

By archiving their knowledge in book and digital media, EWP is delighted to be able to share this information. It's also our desire that you'll be enriched and receive the benefit of time-tested treasure.

Discerning: The first and most important difference about EWP is the quality of the material. Not just in the physical quality of the products, but the value gained from the application of the information and knowledge. The material is built on principles, not fashion or fads. You’ll only find the most valuable field tested material, future classic texts, and educational resources. These are the books, audios, and video materials that you’ll return to again and again.

Sharing: We believe in fair trade. We know that informed consumers want to invest in products that are long lasting, produced ethically, and fairly support the ecosystem that has made the information possible. There’s nothing abstract about this: we’re talking about teachers and health practitioners with decades of valuable experience and insights in their area of expertise. Through the vehicle of EWP we want to help these gifted and devoted individuals help more people find answers to their questions. And to insure that their work can continue we support a collective financial model.

Curating: Information is abundant and only becomes relevant and useful when it is structurally organized in a way that builds principles and concepts in a coherent and cumulative way. This is when real learning occurs. We back this process by delivering the content through high quality design and production, exquisite illustrations, and both still and video imagery that invites you, the learner, to engage with the material.